Kids That Outsmarted The Adults Around Them So Perfectly That We Can’t Even Be Mad About It

Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or an innocent bystander who has had to take care of a child for even five minutes, you know that kids are so much smarter than we give them credit for. They may not know how to tie their shoes yet, but they can figure out how to use an iPad to take over the world.

These kids used their innocence as a shield to outsmart all the adults around them, and it’s actually a little scary. When an adult take things too literally for a joke, then they’re just annoying. When a kid does the same thing to get out of doing chores, you have to respect it.

There’s No Way Dad Will Steal This Pizza Now

We all know why this kid decided to eat half of every pizza slice. They are obviously sick and tired of waking up in the morning excited for mom to heat up their leftover pizza, and find that dad had a late-night snack last night after everyone else went to bed.

This kid definitely learned this trick in school. There’s always one classmate who licks all of their belongs to establish classroom dominance and mark their territory.

That’s One Way To Be Sure Your Lawyer Parent Doesn’t Get Mad At You

A lawyer shared this photo of the contract his child Stephen made him sign before he admitted to doing something wrong. If you think that kids don’t pick up on what you do, then you’re wrong.

The only mistake this kid made is that he left a loophole in regards to what his dad is allowed to be mad at. The contract only specifies the words and terms that Stephen uses, not the actual action.

Viva La Revolution!

If you’re wondering why school curriculums don’t like to mention worker revolutions, this is why. These kids have managed to replicate history on the schoolyard and get back at their strict teachers.

You have the crowd of peasants doing all the dirty work, but if you look closely, you can tell that the kid in the red coat on the far right is the instigator. The evil mastermind convinced everyone else to rebel, and now he looks on from his sled while a minion pulls him around.

Keep reading to see what happens when a kid who is grounded is also forced to do chores.

She Made That Prime Subscription Worth It

That Prime subscription and Amazon Alexa seemed like such a good idea at the time. That is until your kid learns that all they need to do is say “Alexa, order a Barbie Pink Glamour Jet, please.”

This little girl knows exactly what she’s done, but don’t worry, it has a happy ending. Rather than just grounding her and returning it all, this family donated the toys to the local children’s hospital. This little girl probably still got grounded though.

I Mean, The Kid Isn’t Wrong

One of the best, and worst things, about kids is that they’re so logical. They don’t try to find any hidden meanings or metaphors in what we say. They take it as it is, but it somehow always backfires on us.

This poor mom thought that she had a monopoly on her Mother’s Day candy, but any parent knows that if your kid buys you chocolate, the child will end up with at least half.

That’s The Last Time You Make You Kid Do Chores

One kid was forced to power wash the deck after his dad grounded him, so he wrote this right into the wood. Revenge is a dish best served cold, or a deck best served wet.

Making your kid do chores when they’re grounded seems like a no-brainer. Now that you’ve confined them to the house, why not put them to work? It makes sense until you realize kids can hold a grudge just as well as an adult can.

The little girl coming up figured out how to play video games for hours without her parents complaining.

The Lime Jell-O Just Wasn’t Cutting It

Life is hard enough when you’re a child confined to a hospital room. You can’t go to school, play with your friends, and to make it all worse there’s no good food. That ham and cheese sandwich and lime Jell-O cup just aren’t what a kid wants when they’re getting a different diagnostic test every day.

If your mom isn’t going to sneak good food into the hospital for you, then it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

This Most Definitely Isn’t The Soda You Said I Wasn’t Allowed To Drink

The little girl who decided to write “orange juice” on a bottle of orange soda sure has us fooled. I would have never guessed that this was just a soda with the label peeled off.

We can only assume that because she knew that she couldn’t have sugar, that she bought a Fanta, dumped it all out, and carefully filled it was orange juice. Her parents will never figure it out.

Stay Hydrated While Playing Video Games With The ‘Pwning Pouch’

This girl didn’t just outsmart her parents, but she outsmarted millions of gamers around the world who foolishly waste time every day by getting up to go get a glass of water.

Now when her parents tell her to stop playing video games because she’s not eating or drinking, they can rest assured that at least she’s staying hydrated. This invention is even better when you find out the little girl calls it her “Pwning Pouch.”

The kid coming up disobeyed every picture day rule.

Mow The Lawn? Sure

You can’t even be mad at this kid’s bike lawn mower invention because it’s genius. Kids love to ride bikes, and they hate doing chores. Throw some zip ties around the shocks and voilá, the chores are fun again.

To get back at this kid’s genius shortcut, the parents should file a patent for the invention ASAP, start mass production, and get a lawn mowing bike to every kid across America. Then kids will never have an excuse not to mow the lawn again.

The School Company Forgot To Use Spell Check

I’m not sure if Cara’s parents fell for this note, but I’d be pretty shocked if they didn’t. It’s pretty legitimate. The form outlines the all the details a note extending summer break would, and the Rapunzel stamp makes it much more official.

Naturally, any school company extending summer break would require the child’s signature over the parents, so it seems pretty foolproof to me. The only reason why Cara’s parents wouldn’t fall for this is the complete lack of any capital letters.

He Was Allowed To Wear The Sweater If He Took It Off For His Photos

Rather than argue with her child in the morning, a mom agreed to let her kid wear his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sweater to school on picture day, on the condition that he takes it off for the actual photo.

Well, he clearly didn’t follow the rules, but in all honesty, I blame the mother. She should have know better than to trust that her child wouldn’t do something this epic when left to his own devices.

Keep reading to see how a child took an innocent bracelet-making kit and threw it in their parent’s face.

Arguing With A Child Is Like Arguing With A Woman

Once again, it’s important to remember how much our kids pick up from the people that surround them. You might not think when you and your partner are arguing at 11 pm that your kid is listening, but they are, and they’re learning.

Now every time mom gets mad that dad didn’t choose the right restaurant for date night, and dad yells “I’m not a mind reader, Karen,” it will come back to bite them in the butt.

It’s Not Like Kids Have Much Money To Spend Anyways

Can you really be mad at a kid who followed the instructions and truly did get you “whatever?” It’s better than receiving a nice gift, but knowing that an adult bought it and put a kid’s name on it.

This gift simultaneously outsmarts you and keeps you humble. That’s a lovely looking ladle. Think of how much soup you can pick up in one scoop with that bad boy.

Glad To See That Bracelet Making Kit Is Being Put To Good Use

I bet this parent was hoping their kid would make them a cute bracelet, but nope, this is what they got instead. I feel like whatever little kid took a bracelet-making kit that their parents bought them and made a “Fart Loud” bracelet is going to be at the center of the PG sequel of Superbad.

Instead of having a weird addiction to drawing phallic symbols, it will be a weird addiction to everything and anything about farting.

There’s No Way Anyone Will Find Him

Is there anything more innocent than a child playing hide and seek with no sense of the rest of the world? It’s like a dog or cat hiding in the curtains, but their tail is wagging furiously on the floor.

This kid might seem like an idiot for throwing a mini pool over his head for hide and seek, but is he? Whoever is seeking will be looking behind trees and bushes, not under a kid’s mini pool.

Happy 40th Birthday, Dad!

This dad’s kids definitely did not sugarcoat that fact that he was turning 40. They could have just taken the high road and just bought him a card and some chocolates, but they went as low as they could by outlining the death of this youthful spirit.

Kids have zero chill, especially when it comes to talking about age. We’re not sure if these kids outsmarted their dad or just outraged him.

Definitely Be More Concerned About The First Kid

People are split about what to think here. On the one hand, you have a kid that’s evil enough to lock you out of the bedroom. It might not seem like a big deal, but every parent knows their bedroom is like a retreat away from the chaos of the rest of the house.

Then there’s the kid who knows how to use a bobby pin and pocket knife to pick a lock. While that’s intimidating, it’s actually a helpful trick. If I had to choose which one is the better kid to keep around, it’s the one with practical skills.

It’s A New Trend Called Baby Yoga

Most parents will let their kids play a game or take funny photos on the family tablet. I doubt any parent expected their kid of open up a news article and start reading about what’s going on in their local tristate area.

What the parents didn’t see is when their kid opened up a Yahoo Answers for “how to get out of your crib when your parents are asleep.” If your toddler is this good on the internet, then they probably have a bright future in the tech industry, but you should still watch your back.

Someone Clearly Found The Lone Copy Of The Communist Manifesto In Their School Library

Many school libraries adhere to a long list of banned books to make sure that kids are only reading age-appropriate content, but The Communist Manifesto must have slipped through the crack and into Aima’s backpack. I doubt she’d know so many details on how to stage an anti-dishes revolution without help.

We tried to reach out to Aima for comment on if their parent’s still made them do the dishes, but unfortunately, the assistant Cleo the cat was out of office.