Why You Should Just Pay For A Halloween Costume Because DIY Isn’t The Answer

Eating all the candy is easily the best part of Halloween, but thinking of what costume to wear is a close second. Most of us rely on store-bought costumes, but some kids and their parents decide to DIY. Sometimes, it’s because a child’s creative idea just can’t be found in a Walmart, and other times it’s just because their family has to be frugal. Whatever the reason is, it results in some hilarious (and downright terrifying) Halloween costumes.

When it comes to DIY-ing Halloween costumes, they can’t all be Pinterest-worthy. Check out these homemade costumes that took a wrong turn down Elm Street, and are now haunting our nightmares.

Scooby Dooby Doo, What Happened To You?


This Scooby-Doo costume is worse than any of the disguises the bad guys wore in the TV show.

If this costume is a lesson in anything, it’s that if mom says, “let’s make a giant paper mâché dog head” you should shut down that idea as fast as you can.

It Was Just An Excuse To Walk Around Eating Pastries All Night


This Pillsbury Dough-Boy costume is quick, easy, and terrifying, but it comes with an added bonus of getting to walk around eating cinnamon buns.

I love a good Pillsbury crescent roll just as much as the next person, but I would have never thought to take my love of pastries and turn it into a costume. This kid is a next-level genius.

Dressing As A Lamb Chop Is A Halloween Classic, Right?


You have to hand it to kids, they have some crazy imaginations. While most of them want to be a superhero or ballerina, you’ll get the odd one who insists on going out as something strange like Lamb Chop.

I can only imagine what type of drama those blood-red gloves stirred up with the vegetarians in the neighborhood.

If you thought a Lamb Chop costume was unique, just wait until you see how one girl’s sweet vision turned out to be very scary.

Spiderman Meets Leatherface


This homemade Spider-Man costume actually isn’t the worst from the neck down. But, for some strange reason, this kid’s parent decided Spider-Man needed to look a little more like a serial killer, so they added the mask.

When you buy a superhero costume, kids rip off the mask within 10 seconds anyways. Next time, just avoid it entirely.

RIP To Every Parent In The ’90s Who Had To Make A Beanie Baby Costume


Beanie Babies were all the rage in the late ’90s. If you wanted to be the coolest kid on the block, you convinced your parents to make you a homemade Beanie Baby costume complete with collectors tag.

Unfortunately, most Beanie Baby costumes ended up looking less like cuddly bears, and more like terrifying, life-size rats.

Why Did Her Parents Let This Happen?


Usually, a kid will go to their parent with a crazy costume idea, and it’s up to the parent if they want to DIY the costume. This girl skipped the part where she asks mom or dad, and just went straight to making it herself.

That decision was her biggest mistake because now she looks like a demonic piece of chewed bubblegum.

The next costume was inspired by a toy that already gave us nightmares.

It’s Like A Furby Met An Ewok


This girl is probably the only kid in the world who liked their Furby enough to dress up as one for Halloween.

Did anyone out there actually enjoy their Furby? They were cool at the time, but they were super creepy. Mine would turn on in the middle of the night and start talking, which is probably why I slept with the lights on for years.

We Should Agree To Leave The California Raisins In Claymation


Let’s all have a moment of silence for one of the greatest rhythm and blues group of all time: The California Raisins. The claymation commercial was so popular that they even sold a Halloween costume.

For those people who couldn’t afford to buy the costume, brown trash bags had to do.

No One Here Looks Happy With Their Costume


Even though you can only see their eyes, you can tell that none of these kids are happy with the costumes their mom made them.

Darth Vader doesn’t look capable of winning any duel with Obi-Wan. The Ewok is struggling to even breathe through their mask, and Patches the Clown is upset mom made him wear his snowsuit under the costume.

The DIY costume coming up proves that just because we grow up, we don’t start making better decisions.

Is This Charmander Or Mushu?


The fact that this could either be an imaginary chameleon Pokémon character or the dragon from Mulan means that the costume was not executed well.

From the looks of the jagged teeth, I’m leaning towards it being Mushu the dragon. But the tail appears to have a yellow flame at the end, which would make it Charmander. I’m torn.

Ba Da Ba Ba Ba, We’re Not Loving It


Vintage Ronald McDonald is already terrifying enough on his own, but somehow a parent out there managed to make it even more frightening. Kids love McDonald’s, but that doesn’t mean we have to let them dress up as the creepiest mascot ever.

Why couldn’t they have just been the Hamburgler?

Nightmare On Sesame Street


A lot of these terrible DIY costumes are not the kids’ fault, but the parents. Bert and Ernie here are obviously two adult men who didn’t know when to say enough is enough.

Incredibly, they figured out the one costume that could last eternally in the nightmares of every child in the neighborhood.

You’ll laugh at the DIY costume coming up, but the kid wearing it is happier than you could imagine.

This Is Just Lazy Parenting


Word of advice: if you have to write out what your costume is on the front, it’s probably not very good.

If anything, the label should be on the girl covered in balloons. With some detective work, I probably could have figured out the kid on the left was milk and Oreos, but I’m still unsure what the little girl is. Jellybeans? A gumball machine? I have no idea.

It’s Honestly Like They Didn’t Even Try


I’m very confused by the level of commitment for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume. At first, it looks like they collectively put in 3% effort, but then why would they commit to painting their faces green?

If you’re going to make fake nunchucks and carry around a pizza all day, the least you can do is cut out a more convincing six-pack.

That Kid Is So Proud Of Being A Giraffe


Okay, I’ll be honest, the girl with the three heads is a pretty impressive homemade costume. Obviously, they spent so much time on her costume that when her younger brother asked to be a giraffe, they had to scramble.

That’s why he’d basically just walking around in pajamas with an inflatable pool toy strapped to his head.

Me Think You Shouldn’t Disrespect The Cookie Monster Like This


The Cookie Monster didn’t deserve to be depicted like this. He’s a wholesome muppet with a kind heart who simply has trouble controlling how many cookies he eats. Hey, don’t we all?

Using a mop for hair and painting tanning goggles to be eyes is just plain rude. It is a good excuse to eat an entire bag of cookies in one night though.

I’m Going To Run Away At Supersonic Speeds From This Costume


This Sonic the Hedgehog costume had some serious potential, but it failed in execution. The red shoes and spikes on the back are pretty impressed, but the mask and face paint makes it way too scary. There’s no real way to replicate Sonic’s iconic spiky hair.

Come on, you’ve gotta step it up next Halloween.

Was The Mask Really Necessary?


Dressing up as a pumpkin is one of the classic Halloween costumes, yet this woman somehow managed to make it weird.

All she had to do was make the pumpkin cut-out and leave it at that, but for some reason, she added the green mask. It’s either supposed to be a leaf or the pumpkin stem, but neither are necessary for this costume.

Their Eyes Are Staring Into My Soul

This family Simpsons costume gets worse and worse as you scan from left to right. Bart is totally normal. The eyes on Marge are creepy but still, normal. Then you get to Lisa and Homer, and things get scary.

Why did two members of the family decide to wear creepy cartoon eyes instead of just painting their faces? And can someone please explain what’s happening with Lisa’s hair?

Even Man’s Best Friend Is Over This DIY Costume


If there’s one type of costume you should never try to DIY, it’s costumes for your pets. Sewing together something for a child is easy because they have human body parts.

The moment you decide Max the dog would look funny as a ghost, you have to become an expert in dog anatomy. Whoever cut these eyes, ears, and leg holes failed the class.