These Are The Family Members That Make Family Gatherings Incredibly Enjoyable

Family gatherings can be awkward, fun, humiliating and sad, all mixed into a few hours. There are many different reasons that a family will get together. From Thanksgiving to Christmas to birthdays to Halloween, there’s not a month that goes by where your in-laws aren’t sitting at your kitchen table.

We all have those cousins or uncles or siblings that we rarely get to see, but have a blast when we finally reunite. The people in this article are the kinds of relatives that make family gatherings incredibly fun.

Giving A Helping Hand

Imgur / picklejinx

You can always count on grandparents to give you a helping hand when you need it the most.

This girl is having some dating trouble, so granny stepped in. My guess is this opened up her dating pool tenfold. We all need family members who help us when we’re down.

The Perfect Method Of Communication


For all of us inherently lazy people out there, this is perfect. You can communicate your thoughts to someone else in the house without actually moving anywhere.

The only issue with this method is that there is NO communication when there’s food around. This dog is glued to the floor under the table trying to get scraps.

The Real Winner

Twitter / @wowchey

At this point, it doesn’t even matter if she gets a diploma or not. In fact, I think that I could call her the biggest winner of the night.

Who cares about flowers and balloons when you have a full rotisserie chicken to yourself? Flowers die in like, I don’t know, two hours.

Respect The Hustle

Reddit / DPooly1996

Parents will go to pretty great lengths in order to make their kids smile. This dad probably ended up killing about seven flowers in order to come up with this picture.

Not only that, but the time that he would’ve had to dedicate to throwing that rose crown together is probably getting overlooked.

We All Know An Uncle Dave

Reddit / Joshyboy401

Oh, where do we even begin with uncle Dave? He’s the one who always brings the energy to every family gathering.

There’s never a dull moment with Dave. He’s the first one to break out a board game, the first one to tell an uncomfortable story at the dinner table, and he always has the most creative gifts.

Not Quite, But Kind Of


Honestly, I could see why grann would’ve thought that John Cena was Jesus. In some wrestling circles, he’s actually praised like a God.

Grandma might not be as sharp as she used to be, but she knows a six pack when she sees one. That was good enough for her.

This Conversation Went Off The Rails Real Quick

Reddit / Bulovak

This conversation starts out like many 911 calls do. A man sees his wife going into labor and panicking that he doesn’t have the right skills or resources to successfully deliver a baby.

I know he probably wasn’t thinking right at the time, but if you think about it, WHY would the operator ask if you were her firstborn? Hilarious.

The Cool Uncle


Mom and dad are usually pretty protective over you, and that’s okay because the cool uncle will always fill in the fun-gaps.

He’s the one who will take you skydiving when your parents won’t, and he’s probably the one who taught you to drive at the ripe old age of three.

Oh The Joys Of Family Pictures

Reddit / ohbear64

Family pictures are so important. Yes, they may seem like a mild nuisance at the time when you’re trying to get everyone together, but they give you memories that will last a lifetime.

While some are very formal and high quality, others are certainly less so. If your family can learn to laugh at each other, those pictures can be so much more enjoyable.

Taking One For The Team

Reddit / okgasman

This is why we love people like Uncle Bruce. He has no shame, and will do anything for the little girls in his family.

Yes, that even means dressing up like a princess with the rest of the girls. I don’t think I’d be alone in saying that we need more people like him.

He’s Not A Bank… Right?

Imgur / sonan303

One of dad’s go-to sayings is that ‘he’s not a bank’ so don’t even think about asking for some money.

Well, this proud poppa finally had enough, and gave his kid a taste of the real world. Instead of the usual ‘no’, Dad drafted up a totally legit legal document to really drive home the point that you can’t just get whatever you ask for.

Sisters Who Sacrifice For Their Brothers


I’m not going to lie, this is genius. We all have that one guilty pleasure musician who we love, but are too embarrassed to love publically.

So, if you get your sister to come with you to a One Direction concert, no one is going to assume that you’re the reason for attending. The optics are great.

Dogs > People

Twitter / @2muchHaT

We all have a person in our family that loves dogs more than people. Honestly, it’s incredibly easy to see why. They have unconditional love for you and are always around when you need them.

Therefore, if your birthday is on the same day as your dog’s — you’re probably going to be in the shadow.

The Awesomely Embarrassing Family


When you’re growing up, being around your family in public is dangerous. You walk three feet in front of your mom and dad in case you see someone from school.

This family has made it VERY clear that Molly isn’t going to be able to disassociate herself from them and it’s awesome.

Preferred Seating, Shmerferred Seating

Twitter / @b_flex14

If your grandpa can do this, you’ve hit the genetic lottery. When I’m older, I’m using it as an excuse to live my best life on the couch, eating as many flavors of popcorn as I can find.

I won’t be going to the gym or doing this impossible plank-thing on the subway.

Same Same, But Different


Yes, it’s the same person, just 25 years later. So, I guess it’s the same picture? My guess is that this mom doesn’t feel that way.

It’s very different considering her legs had feeling in them the last time they took this picture. The jury is still out as to whether her feet were tingling.

It’s All About Resource Management

Twitter / @baylor_caitlyn

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that when you get older your hearing starts to give way.

So, you need to be able to adapt. It’s important to have family members who adapt and use the resources they have to their advantage. If you don’t have surround sound speakers, you create them.

Help Me

Imgur / NealSavage

Remember when you would get mauled by all of your aunts and uncles you hadn’t seen in like two years? Remember not remembering their names but getting mauled nonetheless?

This is one of the downsides of family gatherings, but it’s something that you get used to. I’m all for it.

The Guilt Trip


It’s hard to blame poppy and grammie for wanting to see their granddaughter. I mean, without them Brittany wouldn’t even be on earth.

I love how savage this card is. I’m sure that it hit all of the emotional strings in Britt. It’s funny, kind of sad, and creative. Awesome.

Asking The Right Questions


This is a great question. Why does everyone hate Nickelback? I mean, they’ve come out with some absolute anthems that we all know and love.

For whatever reason, they drew the short straw of the social media mob and have been under attack for years. We need grandmas who also double as investigative journalists.