Thanksgiving Fails That Managed To Make Your Family Dinner Look Normal

After the Labor Day long weekend, the next big holiday that all Americans look forward to is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is basically the kick-off for six months of non-stop feasts. Bring on the pies, turkeys, cranberry sauce, and of course, lots and lots of fails.

Despite all the delicious food, part of going home for Thanksgiving is knowing there’s a good chance that something will go wrong. It’s not just the family drama you have to worry about when your clueless sister is in charge of cooking the turkey.

“This Thanksgiving Is On FIIIIIIREE” – Alicia Keys


Every mom on Thanksgiving thinks that crafting a custom centerpiece for the table is a good idea. That is until they use dry leaves and twigs that are just asking to catch fire.

The fact this mom is so calm as she casually folds up a flaming tablecloth means that she expected this to happen.

Why Is This Turkey Wearing A Leather Jacket?


I’ll be the first to admit that I have no idea how long to cook a turkey. All I know is that there is math involved about how long to cook it per pound, and that’s just way too confusing.

That means whoever had to cook this turkey definitely flunked out of grade ten math.

Don’t Do It For The ‘Gram


Parents love to make fun of their kids for caring more about the Instagram photo of their food than the actual dinner. So when she dropped the phone in her food, it must have been sweet vindication for mom and dad.

That will teach you to pay attention to Aunt Ethel’s grace next time.

It already sucks when one family member can’t make it to Thanksgiving dinner, and the person coming up made it even worse.

For The Germaphobes In The Family


It’s kind of like a changing of the guards when your grandmother hands down the responsibility of cooking the turkey down to you. There’s a lot of pressure, and when people get stressed, they do dumb things.

You don’t wash any other food with dish soap, so what makes a turkey any different?

“If I Don’t Get My Wish Then No One Does”


This is the type of petty move that one cousin always does. The person who breaks off the longer part has their wish granted. Supposedly, if it breaks perfectly in half, everyone gets their wish, but we all know that isn’t true.

Your cousin is just trying to stop you from getting that pony you’ve wanted all your life.

Thanks For Saving A Bit Of Everything


That’s what you get for choosing to attend your significant other’s Thanksgiving over your own family’s. This plate was definitely made by a mom who couldn’t bring themselves to not save you some food, but also wanted to make sure you knew how bitter she was.

She knew your SO’s stuffing couldn’t be as good as your aunt’s, and wanted to rub it in.

The next Thanksgiving fail definitely happens more often than not.

Deep Frying Turkeys Is A Fine Art


The art of deep frying a turkey isn’t for the faint of heart. You need a master fryer to make sure the turkey is fully cooked and still crispy, without overdoing it.

Frying a turkey is tricky though because if you leave it in there for a few minutes too long, you end up with a Thanksgiving that looks like it’s straight out of Die Hard.

That Moment When There Are Too Many Hot Plates


I’m sure these two didn’t expect to show up to their cousin’s house on Thanksgiving and become electricians, but that’s what happens when you have eight hotplates going at once.

Blowing multiple fuses is worth it though. No one in this household is going to be eating cold creamed corn.

The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back


More like the gravy boat that broke grandma and grandpa’s heirloom table. This table literally broke in half when they put the final plate on.

If a wood table buckling under the weight of a Thanksgiving dinner isn’t a sign that this family is eating good tonight, then I don’t know what is.

The next Thanksgiving disaster is exactly what happens when your dad refuses to accept Halloween is over.

The Fastest, And Grossest, Way To Ruin Thanksgiving


Some dads just don’t understand when to leave the dad jokes behind and behave at family dinners. If anything, it’s a reminder for mom to hide all the Halloween decorations as soon as the calendar flips to November.

It might not matter though. He was probably planning this prank months in advance.

Don’t Bring Your Diet Into This Thanksgiving Dinner


There’s always one aunt who insists on maintaining her diet at Thanksgiving dinner. She’s the one who brings the veggie tray no one wants to eat, or tries to make sweet potato casserole healthy and low carb.

Look, Karen, don’t bring that negativity into this space. Let us stuff our faces in peace.

Oh Sweet (Potato Casserole) Jesus


The sweet potato casserole is sacred, and whoever did this must pay. The casserole is basically the holy grail of Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re going to burn anything, you make sure it isn’t the casserole.

That’s because at no other dinner can you get away with mixing potatoes, sugar, and marshmallows and serving it as a main course.

The next few photos prove why pies are one of the most drama-filled items at Thanksgiving.

Reason Number One To Buy An Actual Pie Dish


Use disposable pie pans, they said. It will be easier and cleaner, they said. Disposable pie pans are great for if you’re going to a school bake sale, not for something like Thanksgiving dinner.

What the heck are we going to do with all this whipped cream now that you’ve ruined the pies, Brenda?

More Like Pecan’t Pie


Making the perfect pecan pie isn’t easy, but when you do it right, crowds will flock to it. My mom had to badger a friend for more than five years to give up her secret pecan pie recipe.

In the end, the woman only gave up her recipe because my mom said she was going to make one for a funeral. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do for the perfect pie.

This Is Just Asking To Start A Family Argument


If this happened at my Thanksgiving dinner, the person would never be invited back, even if it was my own mother. It’s like the person who did this was trying to start a fight.

Maybe there wasn’t enough family drama that year, or maybe they’re a psychopath. </p

The Struggles Of Making Dinner In An Apartment-Sized Oven


This exact same situation happened to me one year when I couldn’t make it home for Thanksgiving, and so I decided to try cooking a full meal for myself. I bought the turkey and roasting pan, then got home and realized I only had an apartment-sized oven.

Fun fact: you can’t return a turkey to the grocery store.

The Kids Table Is Like The Wild, Wild West


If there isn’t enough entertainment at Thanksgiving, you just have to look over at the kids table. One kid hasn’t had a single bite of their plate while another is on their third plate of turkey and have already unbuttoned their jeans.

And of course, there’s one who exclusively ate the marshmallows from the sweet potato casserole and are all hyped up on sugar.

It’s All About Making A Good First Impression


It isn’t easy deciding whether to invite your boyfriend to Thanksgiving. On the one hand, it’s an easy way for him to meet the entire family at once and get a taste for how crazy everyone is.

On the other hand, he has to meet the entire family at once and he’ll realize how crazy everyone is. There’s no right decision.

Some For The Family, Some For The Dog

I would first and foremost like to say how proud I am with the sheer amount of mashed potatoes here. Whatever family made these sure knows how to eat. Unfortunately, they don’t know how to serve.

Obviously, the pressure of so much good food got to them, and they panicked.

I Love A Good Frsriengiving


Oh no, Walmart, what is you doing. I’m honestly impressed that Walmart managed to mess up a Friendsgiving banner this badly. I guess Friendsgiving is kind of a makeshift excuse for a family Thanksgiving, so this banner actually works perfectly.

I’d love to see what they could mess up for Tom Hanksgiving.