Not-So-Spooky Halloween Costumes That Are #FamilySquadGoals

You might think Halloween is simply a time where kids get to trick-or-treat, and parents get to spend the next month hiding the candy so that their kids don’t eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the kids — it can become a fun family event! These families decided to get in the spirit and create unique group Halloween costumes that look amazing, but won’t spook the kids.

From Disney-inspired group costumes to classic movies like Ghostbusters, these families absolutely killed the Halloween costume game. Plus, now that the parents are all dressed up too, they get half the candy too, right?

The Spookiest Monsters Out There


Dressing up as actual monsters could quickly scare all the kids on the street. Dressing up as the Mike Wazowski and Sully from Monsters Inc. is the total opposite.

The entire premise of the movie was that these monsters are big softies, so it’s the perfect family-friendly costume. Plus, you get to wear a comfy onesie in public without judgement.

Okay, But How Did The Older Brother End Up As Luigi?


Having the entire family dress up as the Mario franchise characters is a risky choice because there was probably a lot of arguing.

Everyone wants to be Yoshi, Mario, or Princess Peach. Who actually chooses to Luigi or Bowser? No amount of family pressure could make me be Toad.

She Truly Is A Mother Of Dragons Now


Realistically, these two kids have probably never watched an episode of Game of Thrones in their life, but it probably wasn’t hard to convince them to wear dragon costumes.

This is a win-win for everyone in the family. Being Khal Drogo and Khaleesi is as cool as it gets, and no one else is complaining. Even the dog looks happy about this.

If you want to copy the costume coming up, prepare to get slimed.

The Avocado Pit Comes Naturally To This Mom


It isn’t easy to incorporate your big baby belly into a Halloween costume, but this family nailed it. This fiesta is kind of like a metaphor for any young family.

Mom and dad might be the two main ingredients, but their little Sriracha baby truly has added spice to their life.

I Bet This Kid’s First Words Were “I Am Groot”


Guardians of the Galaxy is one of those movies that spans generations, so it makes for the perfect family costume.

Convincing your kids to go as the iconic duo of Rocket and Groot is easy, and mom gets to feel as powerful as Gamora. Now, where is Chris Pratt?

The Perfect Excuse To Dress Your Kid As Stay Puft Marshmallow Man


Buying two beige coveralls and ironing on the Ghostbuster patch is a cheap and easy way to create a quick family costume.

It doesn’t matter how fancy the parents’ costumes are anyways because no one can take their eyes off the cutest Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ever.

Keep reading if you’re in need of a costume that will work for your Disney-obsessed child.

Zoiks, Where’s The Mystery Machine?


Dressing up as the gang from Scooby-Doo is perfect for any family because you can pick and choose which character you look like the most. It also helps that Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, and Velma all have pretty easy outfits to replicate.

Oh, and you get to put your kid in a Scooby-Doo costume which is guaranteed to look adorable.

Of Course The Parents Volunteered To Be The Bad Guys


The two real stars of this family Star Wars costume are the two youngest kids. The one is supposed to be Yoda a.k.a. the wisest Jedi Master of them all, but odds are that kid still isn’t even potty trained.

Then you have the youngest dressed as Chewbacca, probably because they make the same sounds.

What Can This Family Say Except “You’re Welcome”?


If your kid is STILL obsessed with Moana, then you might consider using the movie as inspiration for your next family costume. Your child gets to be Moana, and dad is happy too because he gets to pretend he’s basically The Rock.

Mom got the short end of the stick here, but it’s better than being the chicken.

You’ve probably never wondered how to turn a Danny DeVito character into a costume, but the mom coming up managed to do it perfectly.

To Infinity Candy And Beyond!


At first, I wondered why mom and dad were Buzz Lightyear and Jessie, and not Woody and Jessie. Then I remembered Buzz and Jessie ended up together, and now I definitely have to go back and watch every movie.

I do remember the time Buzz became a Spanish romantic, so let’s see those tango moves, dad.

It’s Not Tricky To Pull Off This Run DMC Costume


This is the easiest and comfiest costume on the list! All you have to do is splurge on authentic Adidas tracksuits and buy a fake gold chain to pull it off. You get to walk around in a tracksuit, which you can definitely go ahead and wear every other day of the year with zero judgment.

The only problem is you have to suffer through the embarrassment of wearing a bucket hat, but it’s only for one night, right?

How Did Dad End Up Having To Be Robin?


This is another costume that centers around having to incorporate mom’s pregnant belly into it. We’re sure she never thought she’d end up dressing as the same character Danny DeVito once did, but she’s pulling it off.

If anything, dad got the short end of the stick here because he had to be Robin.

Aye aye, keep reading to see how one family managed to make spinach the cutest Halloween costume.

The Wizard Of Oz Provides An Endless Cast Of Costumes


Dressing as characters from one of the most iconic films in history is the perfect way to please everyone in the family. They all get to choose what their favorite character is, and there should be no issues.

Even both little girls got what they wanted because Dorothy and Glinda are equally fabulous.

Where’s Jack-Jack?!


I hope that this is only a family of four and they purposely excluded a Jack-Jack costume because if not, they’re probably in deep trouble.

Jack-Jack could be wrecking havoc on the babysitter this very moment. No amount of fake muscle padding can keep that crazy baby in line.

Kids Truly Can Give You Strength


That’s one way to try to get your kids to eat their veggies. All you have to do is make an elaborate spinach costume and convince them that the vegetable gives dad all his strength and power.

In reality, all of dad’s strength probably comes from his amazing wife and beautiful daughter.

For The Slightly-Morbid Families Out There


This Halloween costume is probably the creepiest one on here, but The Addams Family is still family-friendly! Wednesday may have been a little creepy, but Cousin Itt and Puglsey were absolutely hilarious.

It’s also a quick and easy costume. Just grab every black and white piece of clothing you can find at the thrift store.

Being The Genie From Aladdin Is The Easiest Costume


We can’t all look like a Kim Kardashian version of Jasmine fromAladdin, but this family costume is still easy to do. Realistically, mom and dad’s costumes are the only hard ones.

After you figure that out, getting a quick tiger and genie costume is easy. I can’t help but think that mom and dad were the ones who really wanted these costumes though.

This Costume Is Super…callifragilisticexpialidocious


This Mary Poppins-inspired costume isn’t just an excuse to put your kid in a penguin costume. It’s even more impressive when you find out this mom handmade every part!

We can’t all be sewing geniuses like her, but thankfully each of the pieces look like they can be recreated from store-bought items.

Mom Is Both The Good And Bad Cop


Most people would think to make both parents the police officers, but I think having dad also be in jail makes this costume ten times better.

Having mom as the rule enforcer, and having dad be in just as much trouble as the kids, sounds like a pretty accurate depiction of family life.

We’re All Mad About This Costume


The attention to detail in this costume is incredible. We can only imagine it took hours to complete the looks.That being said, this family Halloween costume isn’t exactly a quick fix on October 30.

If you want an Alice in Wonderland themed costume, we’re sure there are store-bought alternatives.