Grandpas That Are Reminding Us Who REALLY Runs This World

In a world filled with so much negative energy, we all need a little more time with our grandpa. He’s always upbeat, caring, and disconnected from reality in the best way possible. His dad jokes are spot on, and he’ll spoil you rotten with love and food.

The grandpas in this article are top notch. The pictures show WHY we love them so much. If we were going off of these grandpas, we’d assume you only get cooler with age.

Never Too Old For Adventure

Reddit / jmorneault

I have to give this grandpa a lot of respect for going skydiving at his age. He’s only 40 years past the prime skydiving age and he’s still having a blast.

My guess is one of his grandchildren forced him to do this and he probably ended up loving it more than them.

He’s A Player

Reddit / submas3r

Don’t even bother asking if grandpa is lonely at the retirement home. He’s doing just fine for himself.

He’s quite the ladies man and it’s really showing in this picture. He’d probably be the first to tell you that bingo nights have become his favorite night of the week. I don’t blame him.

Wine And Paint Night

Reddit / stephenlloyd_dot_net

This grandpa is VERY animated about the fact that he’s not going to be painting a flower.

Grandma dragged him to her wine and paint night and he’s still a little bitter about it. I don’t really blame him. I think it’s safe to say he won’t be going to another one of those nights anytime soon.

Grandpa’s First Webcam Episode

Reddit / kepasa

If you’ve ever had the chance of going into the Photobooth application on any Mac computer, you know the joy it can bring.

Here are a few snapshots of grandpa figuring out how to use the webcam and it’s just as wholesome as you would imagine. Can’t get enough of this.</p

Go Gramps Go!

Reddit / inyouratmosphere

I wouldn’t even be mad if I saw this while going for a run. For whatever reason, there’s something so pure about grandparents who remain physically active into their later years.

I have a feeling that I will be eating whatever I want, whenever I want, when I get up there in age.

He Lives For Halloween

Reddit / slarson802

If you have a grandpa who lives for Halloween, you already know how creative they can get.

This one has gone all out and spent the entire year putting this costume together. All eyes were on him and it’s easy to see why. We need more people who take Halloween this seriously in our lives.

Two Types Of People

Reddit / Dastalon

This picture shows the two types of grandpas when they go on a ride with their grandkids.

One of them hates every second of it, and the other is absolutely terrified. Neither of these are winning attitudes. Both of them are going to need an excuse to pawn off the ride warrior to grandma.

The Older You Get, The Bigger The TV

Reddit / chumma1

By the time that I’m a grandfather, my TV is going to be the entire size of my living room wall. I’m not interested in getting a stronger prescription on my glasses. I just want to get a bigger screen.

That’s exactly what this grandpa is doing and I’m all for it.

“What Are You Looking At?”

Reddit / WalkerFLRanger

I don’t know about you, but I would be in the fetal position pretending to be dead right now. But nope, not grandpa.

He figures he’s lived a great life and he wasn’t about to give this black bear ANY of his club sandwich. He was willing to lay down his life and it’s very commendable.

They See Him Rollin’ They Hatin’

Reddit / TheDancingRobot

Can we just talk about those scooters for a second? Is there an age floor for these things?

I really want one. You get a great parking spot at the mall, and, it’s like getting a golf cart for your everyday life. Who wouldn’t want that? Me and this grandpa sure do.

The Art Of The Selfie

Reddit / g33kingout

I know what you’re thinking — grandpas can’t take proper selfies. Well, let me enlighten you by showing you that they actually can.

Look at the form of this grandpa. He’s having to take a blind selfie with a digital camera, which is nearly impossible. He’s working it perfectly though, I must admit.

When Your Grandpa Is A Literal Superhero

Reddit / brunneous

I know we all kind of think that our grandparents are superheroes. They make sure that we’re never hungry, they always spoil us, and they share their wisdom with us.

But, this grandpa seems to be an actual superhero. Superman called, he wants his super strength back please and thank you.

It’s Never An Inappropriate Time For Wine

Reddit / nathamborello

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for this grandpa having a bottle of wine while he’s in the hospital. I don’t think there is ever an inappropriate time for it.

It thins the blood and calms the mind. Hey, it tastes pretty good too. Now he just needs a juicy steak to go along with it.

A Rebel With A Cause

Reddit / ellenmeows

We all have a little bit of rebel inside of us, whether it’s standing up to the bully at school or loitering directly outside of a sign that says no loitering.

This grandpa is trying to reinvent himself in his old age by being an outlaw to society. This is a good start.

When Your Grandpa Is Stronger Than You

Reddit / Scubastza

If you’re in the unique position where you grandpa is in better shape than you, it’s tragic. I mean, it’s not tragic in a truly tragic sense. It’s more of just a huge shot to the ego.

If your grandpa is getting hit on by your girlfriend when you bring them around, prepare for the worst.

Never Too Old For A Beer

Reddit / ksmittyy

I don’t care how old I get, I’ll never be able to shake drinking a beer every once in a while. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the taste, you can still enjoy the easy-going, relaxing energy it brings when you drink it.

Well, I guess it depends on how many you decide to drink, but grandpa always knows his limit.

The Face Of Defeat


We’ve already seen a few grandpas and how they reacted when they had to go on a roller coaster with their grandkid.

This is the face of defeat. He tried to get out of going on the ride, but couldn’t, and now he’s paying the price of boredom.

The DIY Grandpa

Reddit / najlepsza

You already know this type of grandpa. He’s the “back in my day” grandpa who always talks about his feelings on technology and its destruction of society.

He’s the one who can literally make anything out of anything. Are you following me? For example, look at this little three-wheeled contraption in the picture.

This Is What The Kids Are Wearing, Right?

Reddit / hazelnut009

We all know a grandpa who doesn’t want to admit his age. I mean, in a way he’s right. Age is just a number and not necessarily a mentality.

This grandpa is living his best life as a 23-year-old Millennial. He’s looking VERY fresh if you ask me.

He’s 83-Years-Old, Not Kidding

Reddit / laxerdangles

This is not a joke, this is not a drill. The man who is all the way at the top of the tree is an 83-year-old man.

Can you even imagine WANTING to have enough energy to get to the top of that tree? Grandpa, let’s just go for a walk to the park.