Family Pets Who Know How To Steal The Show

Our furry friends aren’t just a pet, they’re practically family. I’ve had to catch myself a few times when someone asks me how many people are in my family and I subconsciously include my cat and dog.

Part of being a bonafide family member means being included in family events, life milestones, and of course, being spoiled more than the grandchildren (yes, it’s possible). These pets know they hold a special place in their family’s heart, and they’re totally milking it.

The Prettiest Princess There Ever Could Be

Everyone in the family has to put aside their dignity and bow to the wishes of the girls. No one else in the world can get dad to sit down for tea time, or Spot here to dress up as a princess.


It was totally worth it though, because he’s the most perfect Snow White I’ve ever seen.

Happy To Announce Our Family Has Grown By Four


Is there anything more beautiful than watching your own family grow one by one? This is the feeling parents get when their kids go off, get married, and start building their own families.

Think of how beautiful Thanksgiving is going to be with Kiwi and the crew around now.

“Does This Mean I’m Not The Center Of Attention Anymore?”


This moment is all too relatable for young couples who have to introduce their pets to their newborns. When my sister had her first kid, she had to keep kicking the cats out of the crib because they got extra territorial.

It’s not easy learning to share the love.

We Are All That Yellow Lab When We See Cake


The best part about this dog’s birthday is that every one of their friends was invited no matter who they were. They invited their other best dog friends, but the family cat and even cousin Al’s pet lizard were along for the ride.

In all honesty, this looks better than any birthday my parents planned for me as a kid.

When Mom Spends More Money On The Dog’s Clothing


This mom orders the family dog custom-made clothing from across America, and now he’s the most dapper looking dog we’ve ever seen. This dog would steal the show by simply walking into the room.

That watermelon and lemon shirt would be the perfect item for the annual family reunion barbecue.

Cruising Down The Street In My ’64


When this little girl’s parents gave her a miniature pink Ford Mustang convertible for her birthday, they knew deep down it wasn’t really for her.

Her parents knew that the picture perfect moment would come when Jeffers hopped in the passenger seat, put the top down, and cruised around the backyard like the star he is.

When The Pet Turtle Becomes Grandma’s Testing Ground For New Knitting Patterns


If you’re wondering who is grandma’s favorite, all you have to do is take a look at who she knits the most obscure items for. If she never offers to knit you a hat or gloves, then you’re low on the list.

This turtle is obviously grandma’s favorite grand-pet.

Dad Had No Part In This Gift, We Swear


Sometimes, it’s the handmade gifts that are done with love that mean the most. Any parent out there knows it’s actually pretty meaningful to receive a short poem and candle from your young child.

It’s even more meaningful when it’s a beautiful piece of original art from your furbaby.

This Support Dog Has The Only Yearbook Photo That Matters


Alpha Schalk is honestly the reason I would even pay $15 for a book of classmates who I’ll totally forget about in a few years.

This service dog didn’t just steal the show at home (which we’re sure he does on the daily), but he also stole the title of best yearbook photo from an entire graduating class.

Now This Pup Can Also Be A Strong, Independent Woman


We’re all used to our pets sitting idly by when we work from home, so this mom got her dog a mini laptop so they could work together. Whatever this dog does for a living, I want to invest.

If they’ve got a Kickstarter going to get funds for initial startup fees, take all my money.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President


I’m not sure how this dog stumbled across a cardboard cutout of President Obama, but I’m glad they did. The pupper’s owner knows that if anyone could compete with the stardom and power of Obama, it ‘s Maxwell the Dog.

This dog deserves the Medal of Freedom for their services and contributions toward making the world a fluffier place.

More Closet Space Than A New York Apartment


Growing up, I had to share a small closet with my sister and for two teenage girls, it was bursting at the seams. This dog has it’s own personal closet just for its neckties.

You know what I have to say about that? I say go for it. He totally deserves it.

We All Know Who Mom Likes More


If this wall doesn’t scream “empty nester” I don’t know what does. Parents never stop loving their kids, even after they move out of the house, but priorities have to change eventually.

Linda can’t keep up your high school graduation photos when the family dogs have these beautiful black and white portraits asking to be shown off.

Family Game Night Has A Referee


I can’t think of a better referee for the weekly board game night. Monopoly is guaranteed to start fights, and Mr. Winkles doesn’t have time for family conflict.

If he sees one person try to swindle the bank out of an extra twenty Monopoly dollars, the claws are coming out.

Print It For The Christmas Card

This photobomb is one of the best we’ve ever seen. The doggo didn’t mean to become the center of attention, but it’s doing a great job at it.

They must have been upset they were left out of decorating the Christmas tree and now they’re back at the sliding door with a vengeance.

Kings And Queens With Their Portraits


I have to put up a fight just for my parents to keep my kindergarten photo on the fridge, and these pups got personalized matching portraits.

These paintings were probably hung up in the spare bedroom AKA your childhood bedroom that is now a sewing room and holds all the dog beds.

A Truly Inspirational Transformation Story


Being part of a family means being accepted for who you are. This bunny’s family loves them, ears or not, but we know it can be tough to feel out of place when you’re with other bunnies.

If these ears make the bunny feel more comfortable, it’s just an added bonus that it made the internet fall in love.

This Is How You Teach Your Kids Not To Text And Drive


Parents these days are so concerned with making sure their kids are safe when they borrow the family car.

If they really wanted to teach their children not to drink or text and drive, then strap this puppy in the car with them and they’ll instantly become the safest drivers.

When The Children Are Away, The Adults Will Play


If your kids ever wonder what parents really do when they’re away at sleepovers, it’s this. A romantic candlelight microwave dinner, featuring a juice box stolen from next week’s school lunches.

It’s nice to finally have a dinner partner who doesn’t complain that the crusts aren’t cut off their grilled cheese because they’re happy eating the same thing every single day.

This Dog Managed To Steal The Show And The Game


It’s no coincidence that dogs are called man’s best friend. When parents need a break, they just send the dog over and the kids will keep themselves entertained.

Shoutout to this dog who managed to win of War without even trying. It can’t be easy being adorable and talented at card games.