These Are The Teachers That Should Rubber Stamp Themselves Into The Teaching Hall Of Fame

“Back to school, back to school to prove to our parents that we’re not all fools.” If I’m not mistaken, that jingle was written by Bono or someone of that caliber of genius.

It’s a time of the year that many students dread. It’s filled with the unknown. Will you like your teachers? Will you love your classmates? These are questions that fill the mind of every person getting ready to hit the books for another year. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a good teacher can make or break how you feel about going to school every morning. If you hate your teacher, you’re probably not going to excel as much as you want to. This article highlights the teachers that you’re going to want to get, and from me to you, I really hope you get them too.

The Definition Of Being Extra

I’m certainly not going to condone skipping class, but it’s such an easy thing to justify in your head if you hate the class.

For example, calculus is an easy class to skip because you’re either a) insanely confused and feel like you won’t understand the theory anyway, or b) don’t see the real world relevance. Both of those reasons are good in you’re looking to skip.

He Has His Own Rubber Stamp

This teacher has his own rubber stamp that he likes to use when trying to make a point to his students. We need more teachers who are dedicated enough to get their own face on a stamp.

It’s a little bit creepy, sure, but at least it adds some spice to getting your failed paper back. It allows you to have something to look forward to.

We Have A New Ally In The Stickman War

You’re lying if you say that you never drew a stick-person war on one of your papers. Before technology took over our lives, stick-people battles were a common way to pass the time.

This teacher is adding their own side of the bloodbath and it’s hilarious. Not only is it funny, but the teacher put some serious effort into the helicopter. They get a 10/10 on everything that’s happening in this picture.

Coming up, a teacher that hydrates off of his student’s tears, and it’s hilarious.

Same Outfit, 40 Years, Outstanding Longevity

Imagine having this type of dedication to ANYTHING in your life? This teacher has worn the same outfit for every yearbook picture and it’s actually incredible.

If he has this much consistency with these pictures, I wonder what the rest of his life is like? Same breakfast for the past 40 years? Same pre-bed routine? We need answers and further inspiration to get us through our day.

“Come See Me In My Office, I’m Always There”

This teacher put a picture of himself on the window so that it always looks like he’s in his office. This is just another way for a teacher to torment his students and I absolutely love it.

Although teachers will tell you that they’re ALWAYS in their office, they’re actually not. They’re either out for lunch or walking into other classes unannounced to pull some sort of attention-seeking prank on another teacher. They’re actually in their office about 5% of the time.

It Tastes Like Stress And Regret

This is savage, but I like it a lot. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that students ALWAYS overreact about the littlest things. The stress of exams, tests, and assignments wear them down very easily and it results in a lot of waterworks straight from the eyeball.

This teacher just doesn’t care anymore and is hydrating from all the tears. It’s just solid resource management on his part. If they’re going to cry in front of you, you might as well use it to benefit your health.

Just ahead, a teacher who has an interesting way of not letting his students know how he feels about marking their tests.

Evil Is In The Room

If you were to poll students about how much they like their teacher, most of them would probably say they don’t. This teacher isn’t hiding that he’s evil so that it makes it easy for his kids to dislike him.

Look, you don’t have to like someone (almost NO ONE EVER has actually liked Darth Vader) to learn from them. Some of the best Jedi in the world learned their light saber techniques from Darth.

Both Literally And Figuratively

When someone says that they have a big mouth, it usually refers to them not being able to keep any secrets. In this case, the teacher literally shoved a full fist into his mouth and it’s probably the weirdest thing you’ll see all day.

Can you imagine being a student and having to watch your teacher gag himself in front of the class to make a point? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most of his students were uncomfortable.

Mildly Creepy, Mildly Smart

I know that this is to help his students, but it’s also kind of creepy. The lack of expression in this Ironman mask would probably give me nightmares.

On the other hand, it’s a nice gesture to try to cover up his facial expression knowing that students watch for that. I can only imagine the face of teachers marking tests. When a student gives a bogus answer it’d be impossible not to react. So, in conclusion, this is mildly creepy sprinkled with a bit of compassion.

Being literate in meme culture is insanely important nowadays, and this teacher coming up shows us why.

That Went 0-100 Real Quick

I just feel like this teacher has a bunch of other options before setting their student’s test on fire. I mean, maybe a one-on-one talk, perhaps even a visit to the principals office?

I can see how it would be very annoying as a teacher to have to sift through 10 different fonts that are difficult to read, but the whole arson aspect misses the mark. With that being said, it would be so satisfying to be able to just set their work on fire.

A True Christmas Miracle

Anytime that a teacher can make math not mind-numbingly boring, it’s a win. If you’re someone who genuinely enjoys doing math equations, then all of the power to you, but you’re sent here from outer space I’m sorry.

It’s like if anyone actually enjoys going to the dentist for fun, they’re not a human being. While hobbies and tastes differ a lot in the human race, there are a few things that we should ALL hate, and math is certainly one of those things.

Being Literate In Memes Is Necessary

It should be a pre-requisite that every teacher should be literate in meme culture. As sad as it may be, students are starting to communicate with memes at an alarming rate, so teachers have to start embracing it.

This one did that seamlessly. The original meme (the crazy ex-gf) is very popular and easily expresses a tone that students understand. It also gives a sense of urgency that you wouldn’t get without the meme incorporated.

A teacher has an absolute hilarious hall pass for her students and it’s just ahead.

Not Exactly The Person You Want To See On The Other Side Of The Door

If you’re smoking in the bathroom, there are a few people that you absolutely don’t want to see when you walk out. First, you don’t want to see a police officer because, well, they’re a police officer.

Second, you don’t want to see the principal, for obvious reasons. Third, you don’t want to see your ex because they’ll think you’re a lowlife for smoking in the bathroom. Lastly, you don’t want to walk out to your teacher sitting in a chair waiting for you.

The Nightmare Of Being A Substitute Teacher

Can we just talk about how much it would suck to be a substitute teacher? Yes, we know that it’s a necessary position that every teacher has to go through, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t suck.

None of the kids listen to you because they know you’re not going to be around long. No one takes your lesson plans seriously because they think you’re under qualified. The classroom becomes a zoo that’s untameable.

A Subtle Hall Pass

Remember when hall passes used to be small enough that you can either wear it around your neck or put it in your pocket? Well, that’s so early 2000s. They’ve ramped up the size a bit now.

If you want to be allowed in the hallway now, you need to be able to curl 50 lbs with ease. These passes are monstrous. The baby car seat is a new model of hall pass, but I’m all for it because it will deter students from unnecessary “washroom” visits.

One teacher takes things into their own hands and brilliantly calls out the “make out couple” that’s always in the hallway.

“Congratulations, You Just Played Yourself”

Again, this comes back to meme culture. This teacher is obviously very literate in the emotions and meanings of each meme and played the students like a piano.

Basically what this teacher is saying with this meme is “congratulations, you just played yourself” which is depressing to see as a student. Hopefully he still gave extra credit because that looks like a lot of work.

This Is The Kind Of Professor We Need

I wholeheartedly agree with what this teacher is protesting. Why is it necessary to have exams so early in the morning, especially if you’re at college or university?

The schedulers for the exam are well aware of what the night before an exam looks like for students. Most of them would’ve been up till seven in the morning anyway. It’s nice to see that the students aren’t the only ones half asleep.

Stop Tongue Punching, Please

Ah, the classic hallway kissers. I think that it should be banned to show aggressive amounts of PDA during school hours. Your peers don’t want to see it, and teachers certainly don’t want to see it.

It’s the unfortunate truth that every couple thinks they are graceful when they make out and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. The word “sloppy” doesn’t even begin to describe about 90% of the PDA couples that plague high school hallways.

Safety Second

A lot of fun experiments and events don’t happen at school because of the concern for student safety. This is the type of stuff you’d see in classrooms if “safety second” was the motto.

I’m not going to lie, school would be a lot more interesting if teachers got out blow torches just to kill a wasp. I agree with this method because wasps are satan’s insect. They are terrifying and show no mercy to anyone. Their main purpose is to destroy the human population, I’m convinced.

This Is Just Straight Up Savage

Most teachers have a fairly relaxed policy on late assignments. If you have a good excuse, or you’re not a repeat offender, handing something in late usually just means that you’re going to get a small penalty to your mark.

This teacher is a complete savage and has no room for error. If your work is late, it’s as good as an empty banana peel, which is to say, it’s trash.